I presented my scratch-built SLAM Missile to the RSO at the Tripoli launch this weekend. "Where's the sim on this?" was the first question (I was armed with a printout from Rocksim) and "Where's the CP?" was the 2nd (I had marked the CP!). Lots of frowning, but it was stable. "That's going to do a loop!" but I was approved to fly it as a "head's up" launch...

The time came to press the launch button - money was changing hands at a furious pace 'How many loops will this do before it plows into the ground?'

SLAM Missile - E9-4
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But all went well - in fact, it was a flawless flight! Rocksim predected 1,000' on the E9. It had a good majestic boost and then coasted to apogee. The 4 second delay was perfect and recovered no more than 300' from the launch pads.