I've been building a few kits of late, the first one is The Launch Pad's Hellfire AGM-114A.

The Launch Pad kits have been described before as a kit for scratch-builders and that's a pretty fair description.

I bought this kit along with three other Launch Pad kits a couple of years ago but put them aside and have only just got back to building them.

The kit includes the usual assortment of parts - motor mount, 2.6" body tube, centring rings etc. The fins aren't pre-cut; you get a template and a sheet of balsa. Unfortunately, the balsa isn't quite big enough to fit the fins :( I ended up re-drafting the fins in CorelDRAW and laser cut them from 1.5mm ply.

I airbrushed the rocket with matt olive green and created a stencil for the lettering and yellow squares. To paint the nosecone, I mounted it in the chuck of my lathe and turned it by hand. Once finished, the Hellfire stands almost 2" tall and is designed to fly on 24mm motors. (Click image to Embiggen)