The Semroc Red-Eye was one of the last kits released by Semroc prior to the passing of Carl McLawhorn and I built this just after hearing the news.

The Red-Eye is part of Semroc's Retro-Repro range, originally being released by Centuri between 1981 and 1983.

Semroc Red-Eye Rocket Build (Finished)

The Red-Eye flies on a 13mm motor and employes streamer recovery for the motor and tumble recovery for the rest of the airframe.

The kit consists of

  • Instructions
  • Silver self-adhesive decals
  • 3 x leg dowels
  • 4 x Finlets (1 is spare)
  • 1 x BT20 body tube
  • 1 x Balsa nose cone
  • 1 x BT13 engine mount
  • 2 x centering rings
  • Engine hook
  • Streamer
  • Launch lugs


Semroc Red-Eye Rocket Build (Parts)

This is a straight-forward kit that can be assembled over the span of a couple of evenings and a weekend to paint and finish.

Semroc Red-Eye Rocket Build (Construction Complete)

Assembled with engine pod sitting below airframe - the engine ejects and recovers via streamer.

Semroc Red-Eye Rocket Build (Paint) Semroc Red-Eye Rocket Build (Paint)

For the finish, I used a red metallic paint finish. The red is transparent and highlights the silver base coat.

Semroc Red-Eye Rocket Build (Finished)

The decals need to be cut from the sheet. You'll want to give them a curl so they sit properly prior to sticking them down.
Finished! Ready to launch :)