The 24th of October was the final fly day for TRAAU & we couldn't have asked for a better day! There was a little wind but nothing that would rule out launching. The launch on the 3rd was originally going to be the final launch for the year but the land owner was very supportive and allowed us to launch once more!

Clear skies made for a perfect day and lots of low and mid power rockets got off the pads.

I put up my Binder Design 'Spike' on a G64. Recovery was on a single 12" 'chute about 50m from the launch pad.

Sascha's Binder Design Spike
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The 2nd flight for one of my rockets was my scratch-built down-scale Estes 'Mean Machine' on a C6. It's had a good life and survived a core sample with only a few repairs some time back. This launch was to be it's last. Weighing only 20 grams, the C6 pushed the rocket to some ridiculous altitude, to the amazement of the spectators. The 12" Mylar 'chute popped at apogee and with the light breeze of the day, the rocket floated for ages and was eaten by the waist-high grass.

Sascha's Down-Scale Mean Machine
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