A chilly & overcast day greeted us at Serpentine for the October 3 launch. Lots of rockets went up and some of them even came back down! One of the exceptions to this was Karl's "Captain America"

Karl's 'Captain America'
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The rocket screamed off the pad and all but disappeared. All eyes were on the sky for this impressive launch but no recovery event was seen. A good deal of searching failed to turn anything up. Karl posted a few "Lost Rocket" posters around the area and two weeks later it was recovered by a farmer. The parachute had failed to deploy and the hard earth ensured that virtually nothing was left. The RMS case was recovered in flyable condition.

With other projects keeping me busy over the last few months, I haven't built anything new to fly, so I pulled out my ever faithful Estes Big Daddy. Painted taxi cab yellow (complete with black check). I put this up on an F for a great flight

Sascha's Big Daddy (2nd flight for the day)
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