Flying this weekend was not only cold (being Winter here in Australia) but cloudy, too! While there were some good flights put in, we were restricted to about 8,000' and by the end of the day, a the last couple of rockets punched holes in the cloud at 2,000' so we called it a day.

LOC Weasel
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I launched my LOC Weasel for a great flight, unfortunately a really crappy parachute (from Semrock) completely let go causing the weasel to fall from about 2,200' into the hard ground. A bit of dirt on the tip of the nose and a cracked fin fillet was the only damage, now fixed. The parachute? Well, it was last seen heading North towards NSW...

More photos of the day after the jump!

Orbital Decay - Prototype 2 / Launch 1
The Orbital Decay - Prototype 2 (new fins) on it's first flight - G64

Glenn's Intimidator
Glenn's Intimidator

Pete's Mad Cow Arcas
Pete's Mad Cow Arcus

Pete's Grave Danger
Pete's Grave Danger

Whistling Rocket
Scratch Built Whistling Rocket

Orange Rocket 2
Not sure who's this is! Bright though!