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Despite the bitter cold of Melbourne's Winter, Sunday's Tripoli launch at Serpentine was a huge success! By the end of the day, 15 flyers had launched 17 rockets between them with most returning to Earth in the same condition that they left.

Karl had a super flight to achieve his Level 2 certification and received the appropriate 'Ooohs' and 'Aahhhs' from the crowd that had gathered to watch.

Karl's Level 2 Flight
Karl's L2 Launch - Click to embiggen

A new Tripoli member, Tim, had three good launches. His upscale Yankee popped a fin upon landing but his upscale 4" scratch-built Goblin put in a superb performance and came down unscathed.

Tim's Goblin
Tim's Goblin - Click to embiggen

Troy launched his trademark post pack rocket on a hybrid for a unique flight....

Hybrid's aren't known for having tracking smoke - but not Troy's! Well, at least not this week... As the rocket descended under 'chute, it was clear that something was wrong.. Very excitingly wrong.. It became clear that the source of the tracking smoke was, in fact, the airframe coming in on fire! The nosecone and payload bay broke away and was, by chance, recovered later in the day. The remaining airframe and motor mount was recovered as a smouldering wreck without incident.

Thankfully the ground was damp from the recent rain and not a fire risk.

Troy's Hybrid
Troy's Hybrid on the way up - Click to embiggen


Check out Flickr for the rest of the photos of the day.