I finally had a chance to launch Freefall in an attempt to gain my Level 2 Certification. The launch was stunning, with the Freefall being pushed to a simmed 3,100' on a J570.

(Click to Embiggen)

Upon ejection, the nose cone has whipped around and struck the rear launch-lug, causing some damage. unfortunately since this requires a repair before I can fly it again, I didn't certify :(

Not to worry! A little bog and some fiberglass will have the Freefall all ready to fly again in time for the next launch & will try for the cert again :)

Here's the video of the on-board camera! (Video cuts out a few seconds after deployment. I suspect that the shock cord has hit the power button on the camera.)

The ground camera video and photos of the damage available after the jump:

Ground view video -

Damage to the nose cone:

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