With the rocket season here very quickly coming to a close, I had a chance to launch this weekend just gone. I have a number of electronic payloads I really want to get into the air at the moment (including a BeeLine tracking transmitter, altimeter and a beeping locator beacon). As time was short, I decided to try out the new 'Gum stick' camera I recently purchased on eBay. I managed two flawless launches on Sunday and here's the footage:

The rocket was a quick scratch-build, BT50 with a 18mm motor mount. Both launches were on an Estes C6-5 with an altitude of just a few hundred feet, recovery under a 12" Mylar parachute. Ideal shake-down flights for the camera. I'll look at launching the camera in something much more exciting a Tripoli launch next year :)

Not bad for an $11.50 camera :) Two more videos after the jump!