After a 230km (140 mile) drive to the October launch at Tripoli's Serpentine launch site things weren't looking good - rain and low cloud threatened to derail the day. However within a couple of hours, the cloud-base had lifted enough to allow the waver to open - with flights restricted to just a few thousand feet.

I started the day by launching my Estes Mean Machine on a E28W, good boost to somewhere around 1,000' and perfect recovery.

I also launched my QANTAS rocket and Der Red Max. The QANTAS rocket had a good, if not twisty, boost. Rocksim predicted an altitude of around 2500' on a G64 and it looked like it did that and more.

My Scratch-built Der Red Max was my third and final flight of the day. It screamed off the pad with a D13W installed, it appeared to apogee somewhere around 1000'. The 18mm RMS system really does give a kick to those small rockets, never fails to attact a few WOW's.

Qantas Rocket - Launch Qantas Rocket - Launch Der Red Max - Launch D13W

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