The June launch was the first Tripoli Victoria launch I have been able to attend this year. Building Mission Control and getting ready for the trip to Perth (For the Williams launch) had kept me busy.

The June launch was a two-day affair, I was only able to attend on Sunday.

The launch didn't get underway until about 11am due to cloud cover which plagued us on and off all day; And it was cold. Not just regular cold - brass monkey cold!

This was a big certification weekend with several Level 1 and 2 flights and one huge level 3 launch!

Karl successfully launched and recovered his rocket to achieve L3 certification!

I launched my upscale Ballistic Chicken Insanity on a G64 and my Der Red MicroMax

Despite the cold and the patchy cloud cover, the launch was a great sucess and as always a lot of fun to attend.