Binder Design Excel 38mm (Finished)It's finally done, I've finished the Binder Design Excel 38mm kit!

Well, almost. In the next few days I will give it a couple of coats of clear gloss just to seal everything in, but it won't change the look. I decided to go with a very different paint job to the stock rocket, and am happy with the result - nice and bright! I shouldn't lose that now.

I originally thought about painting it yellow from top to bottom, however after a coat of primer, a coat of white and a coat of yellow, the red line for the launch lugs was still bleeding through, so a coat of orange hid that.

At the moment, solid rocket motors with more than 62.5 grams of propellant aren't allowed to be flown in this great state of Victoria. Worksafe are currently reviewing their regulations and are open to submissions on how the explosives act can be updated. The good news is that Tripoli Australia and the Australian Rocketry Association have put aside their differences and are working together to try and get the law updated as quickly as possible. But for now, the Excel may simply sit and look pretty in my lounge room...

Some build photos can be seen here