This is my 2nd kit from Bill Carpenter at 3D Rocketry. I first built Bill's Nautilus III which was a great build and a pleasure to fly.

The kit comprises of :

  • 3" x 17" Airframe
  • 11" Ogive Nose Cone (pre-weighted)
  • 7" x 29mm Motor mount
  • 3 x 3/16" TTW Birch Fins
  • 6 x 3.16" Balsa Trim
  • 2 x 3/16" Birch Centering Rings
  • 3" x 1/4" Launch Lug
  • Instruction Manual
3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

This was a good fun build - very straight-forward. There's a few additional parts that you'll need to add, like a parachute and shock cord. I added an eye screw as an attachment point for the shock cord and I utilised rail buttons instead of the 1/4" launch lug. I also used an Estes 29mm engine retainer

The kit comes with a template to mark out the fin slots. I've always found it easiest to mark up the tube and then, using blue tape, mark out the fin slots. You can then cut them with a #11 scalpel.

3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)  3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)  3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

In order to apply epoxy to the fins correctly, I find it easiest to install the forward centering ring and motor mount first, with the 2nd centering ring later.

3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)  3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)  3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)  3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

With the motor mount installed, I went ahead and installed the rail buttons. I used a strip of 3mm liteply as a backing plate for the buttons for added strength in attachment. I designed and laser cut this part - it's not standard for the kit.

3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

Here's a couple more photos of the 3-Demonfire build in progress:

Fins glued in place - both against the airframe and the motor mount

3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

Motor Retainer glued in place with JB Weld

3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

And we're done!

3-Demonfire (3D Rocketry)

At the moment, the 3-Demonfire has been finished but is awaiting paint.