I like small rockets, so building the Fliskits Tumble Weed looked like a lot of fun!

The build is fairly straight-forward with only a handful of parts needed.

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The first steps have you trim the nose cone shoulder as it's too long, cut the fins with the supplied template and mark the body tube. While I did try to cut the fins, they just weren't accurate and I opted to re-draw the template in CorelDRAW and laser cut them from 1.5mm ply.

Fliskits Tumble Weed Build

 With the body tube marked, attaching the fins and nose cone is next, along with making a hole for the engine hook.

The engine hook, gauze and launch lug go on next.

Fliskits Tumble Weed Build

Fliskits Tumble Weed Build

Fill / Sand / Fill / Sand and then paint!

With the rocket at this stage, I now attached the outer ring fin. The application of some decals and a clear coat completed this build.