iiNet, an Australian Internet provider, has been running the TopGeek competition for a few weeks now. I figured I would enter and see how far I could get. Round 1 is now over and thanks to quite a few friends I got enough votes. I have made it into Round 2 - I'm now in the top 50!

Round 1 was all about votes. Round 2, however, is about creativity. The task for me, being in the Tech category, was to invent something. Naturally enough, I invented a rocket!

Here's my video submission -

I invented the GEEK rocket :)

Click to Embiggen. More photos on Flickr

You can download the RockSim file from Here. I also had to provide supporting documentation for my invention. I have packaged that up as a PDF file and you can read it Here. (I'm using to host the files, any problems drop me an email)